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Player/Parent Summer 2023 Contract

I,  mom and/or dad plan to attend all practices, scrimmages and games for the summer 2023 season.  I plan to be on-time to all games, practices and scrimmages. I have acknowledged that games will be every weekend, practices will be every Monday and Wednesday unless Coach Lloyd changes the days. I ideally will communicate with Coach Lloyd if or when I cannot make it to games or practices 24hrs before a game or practice. By registering for the "Summer Team Package online, I understand that the fee will be charged per week for  5  weeks. 

I, child/player plan to attend all practices, games and scrimmages. I am committed to playing for Head Coach Lloyd Saunders during the summer 2023. I plan to be on-time. I plan to give 110% effort every time I participate in activities as it relates to Mr. Lloyd’s Elite Basketball Team. I will bring my uniform, game jersey, sneakers and shorts to every game. I will bring my practice shirt to all practices. Failure to not bring my uniforms to games and practice will result in me doing conditioning for the majority of practice or ultimately NOT playing if I do NOT bring my uniform or game jersey. I will have an 80% GPA to travel to AAU games out of the state. I will respect all coaches, all staff at games and scholars at all times. I will NOT receive any technical fouls during games and I will never argue with a referee.

Thanks for submitting!

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