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As a former professional basketball player in Europe, South America and Canada,

 Head Coach Lloyd Saunders' mission is to build self-confidence in all scholars. As a certified basketball coach with USA Basketball and specializing in the youth with special needs, he finds joy in teaching the game as well as having fun and being creative in his trainings.  Adolescents feel the love when they come into the gym.

The 2017 Junior Knicks Coach of the Year decided that the only way to improve a child's life is through his passion of basketball so he founded Mr. Lloyd's Basketball in 2014 which has since manifested into a basketball academy as you know it today. As a youth developer and teacher, he vows to impact as many lives as possible.

"The youth all over the world must learn life skills while obtaining their basketball skills. We want to build character, self-esteem and improve self awareness in all children who we impact. Our program is like no other in the United States. After attending one of our sessions your child will be excited every day to come prepared

to have fun and work extremely hard."


-Scholars will build confidence

-Get creative training to improve individual basketball skills

-Become self-aware and believe they can achieve at the next level

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